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2006-2010 BA Degree
Photography &film “Australian Film School”
2010-2012 Ma Degree
Direction & Production “Busan Asian Film School”
2012-2014 BA Degree
Direction & Writing “Centro di Cinematografia”
2014-2016 BA Degree
Photography &film “Australian Film School”
2016-2018 Ma Degree
Direction & Production “Busan Asian Film School”
2018-2020 BA Degree
Direction & Writing “Centro di Cinematografia”


2012 "Secret"
Best Film Winner “Sundance Festival”
2014 “Himmel”
Best Screenplay “Golden Globes, USA”
2016 “Guilt”
Best Fim Nomenee “Academy Awards, USA”
2019 “Hueco”
Best Foreign Film “BAFTA Awards”
2020 “Guilt”
Best Fim Nomenee “Academy Awards, USA”
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Fabricio Guerra

Main Director


Umberto Pagoda

Main Writer


Gloria Riccasso

Main Producer

" incredibly competent"

"Keta has a gift for making actors feel cared for. She's not only incredibly competent, she's also incredibly warm and giving. I get excited every time I see her name on a project! "

Nora Achrati

"Serving as a leader"

"Nothing makes an actor feel more at ease than knowing that they are in good hands with an excellent stage manager. Keta Newborn did just that for me: she put me at ease. During my time working with Keta she consistently assumed responsibility and kept her cool. She was always organized, always efficient, and always early. Serving as a leader she took responsibility for the production by being ready for the unexpected and prepared for what was to happen next. She is a stage manager that knows how to communicate, mediate, listen, and never forgets we are all working toward the same goal. "

Stori Ayers
Actor - New York / Washington, DC - MFA Acting, Pennsylvania State University

"skills are invaluable"

"It is always a pleasure working with Keta. Her positive energy and organizational skills are invaluable in a stage manager, and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again! "

Rachel Stroud

"absolutely amazing"

"Keta Newborn was absolutely amazing as our Production Stage Manager at the Theatre Alliance in Anacostia. She effortlessly managed lights, sound and music single-handedly for our repertory productions of 'Words Become Flesh' and 'For Colored Girls....' Witnessing Keta manage two completely different performances at one time was a show within itself. It was truly a pleasure working with Keta and I look forward to working on many more projects with her in the future. "

Clayton Pelham, Jr

"Meticulously organized"

"Keta Newborn has stage-managed productions I’ve directed and productions I’ve performed in- in both situations she has proved herself to be top-notch. Meticulously organized in her preparation, and efficient and conscientious in the execution of her duties, Keta often anticipates the actor’s and director’s needs. Keta is able to think quickly on her feet and adjust on the fly, she brings to all her work an inner calm and an infectious joy, … and if you’re really lucky she also brings her sweet potato pie! As actor or director I’d be hard pressed to think of any one else I’d rather have in the rehearsal room and the tech booth"

Sasha Olinick
DC Actor and Theater Artist

"precise and consistent"

"I had the pleasure of working with Keta on a production of Word Becomes Flesh that I directed at Theater Alliance. Keta's work on the run of that production, in my eyes, elevated the craft of stage management to an art form. She was precise and consistent with how she "called" the show and she preserved the integrity of the performances during the entirety of the run. Keta did this while also maintaining a relaxed, joyful, and professional working environment. Her stage management was thoroughly excellent. I would highly recommend Keta to any theater or director looking for an outstanding stage manager with exceptional people skills "

~Psalmayene 24

"bridging communication gaps"

"There is no doubt that Keta is a highly skilled production manager and stage manager, but she is also a thoughtful collaborator and strong motivator. Keta is the glue that holds an artistic team together, bridging communication gaps and pushing team members to reach beyond the ordinary. She brings strong artistic and structural ideas to the table, while taking clear command of her responsibilities. Keta consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty by approaching her work with a solution-based mindset, resolving technical glitches and interpersonal conflicts with intelligence and sensitivity. She is a master at managing the myriad moving parts of theater with efficiency and aplomb. It is always an honor to work with Keta, because I know and trust her work to be unquestionably excellent "

Thembi Duncan
Arts Administrator, Teaching Artist, Producer, Director, Playwright, Dramaturge and Actor

"the best I’ve ever worked with"

"I had the privilege of working with Ms. Newborn on a RoseProse production called “Voices.” She was my stage manager, and to date, she is the best I’ve ever worked with. While I’ve had the good fortune to be surrounded by talented and capable SMs, Ms. Newborn’s constant professionalism; knowledge of both professional and community theatre; and her above average work ethic made her the standout. The role of an SM is an extremely important one. When the director opens the show, their job is done and the show now belongs to the actors and the SM. Ms. Newborn was superb in her role. Props were always set in place, blocking was revisited (upon request), and call times, schedule changes, and special announcements were always delivered in a timely fashion. Keta Newborn is the type of stage manager that all SMs should aspire to be. She not only gets her job done, but she makes the jobs of the actors and director significantly easier. I look forward to working with her in the future. "

Zukeh Freeman

"exemplifies professionalism, creativity, and detail"

"I have had the pleasure of working with Keta Newborn on two productions. Keta exemplifies professionalism, creativity, and detail. She is a joy to be around and takes pride in her work, which shows on the stage. I don't know many Stage Managers who can operate both a lighting and sound board and run a show solo. So, when it comes to managing a space, calling a show, and spending long hours with someone, she is one of the best"

Louis E. Davis
Actor - Theater Technician

"professionalism and attention to detail"

"Keta's professionalism and attention to detail was essential to me when we collaborated. Her thoroughness and organization allowed for more effective experimentation in the room and her professionalism kept rehearsals crisp and efficient. Once the show opened, I trusted her to maintain consistency throughout performances. She is also a good source of helpful feedback for directors and a cheerleader for her actors"

Matthew Bassett

"an uncanny sense to calm down any situation"

"Keta’s work impressed me on multiple levels. She had an uncanny sense to calm down any situation that producing a play can bring. A dedicated leader with multiple talents, that I am unashamed to say that I have called on time and time again. Producers don’t waste your time with anyone else, just call Keta Newborn and save yourself some time. I recommend Keta unequivocally and would hire her again in a heartbeat"

Steven A. Butler

"she set the bar high"

"Keta Newborn is a pleasure to work with. Her confidence and charm leaves you feeling as though you are in good hands. Mainly because Keta is very caring and good at fostering a sense of Ensemble!; Almost makes you feel like kin. Inturn, unprofessional behavior feels like letting down the production if you weren't doing your work correctly. Working with her on one of my first production here in Boston she set the bar high for what I expect of a stage manager when I'm doing professional theatre"

Kadahj Bennett

"performances smoothly and efficiently""

"Keta is a friendly, calm presence in the rehearsal room and runs performances smoothly and efficiently"

Rex Daugherty

"goes above and beyond"

"I always enjoy working with someone that is able to do their job. However, working with someone like Keta that goes above and beyond what they're supposed to do is even more enjoyable! Having her in the room as our stage manager gave us less to worry about so that we could focus on whatever task was at hand. Her warmth and professionalism made the rehearsals and run of the show extremely comfortable"

Thony Bienvenido Mena

"handled with skill and grace"

"Keta brings a lot of experience to theatrical production and stage management. Analyzing and anticipating needs, Keta communicates clearly, coordinating designers, talent, calendars and venues. Keta has an infectious smile and clearly enjoys working with others on the production team. Her welcoming personality, resourcefulness and competent attention to all aspects make her a great asset. She is calm and focused during great stressful times. When Keta is Stage Manager she is on point before you need it, her actors love her, and any situations are handled with skill and grace"

Deb Crerie & Kay Rzasa-Gadgetgrlz

"always setting a standard"

"My experience with Ms. Newborn goes back over 10 years, through my former position as executive director of the African Continuum Theatre Company. She was the stage manager for several main-stage productions. She told me how serious she was about theater and stage management from the first time we meet. She is very resolute and motivated to learn more about everything, especially the area of theater and production. She cares very deeply about all her endeavors and her professional development and is extremely interested in becoming more adept in all aspects of her profession and highly regarded by her colleagues. Ms. Newborn possesses creative thought, a great sense of humor, a calm demeanor, and a high level of dedication to achieving her goals. She is always on time and extremely professional; always setting a standard for all the others around her"

JoAnn Williams

"her energy is contagious"

"I had the opportunity to work with Keta Newborn as she was our stage manager for Voices the Play. One of the greatest things about Keta is that she brings so much more to the table than just being a stage manager. She wore several hats during the course of our production and always exhibited the utmost professionalism with every task. She is a pleasurable person to be around and her energy is contagious. It was a privilege to work with someone who pays close attention to detail, works well with others, and is fun to be around. I look forward to working with her again in the future"

Kaisha Huguley

"Her work ethic is astounding"

"Keta Newborn is an excellent stage manager: proficient, enthusiastic and a great listener and 'reader of the room.' Keta has stage managed 3 shows for me and not only were the productions beautifully executed and maintained by Keta during the run, but she was great fun to work with the entire way. A true collaborator"

Michael Chamberlin
Stage Director

"key to the success of each production"

I have had the pleasure of working with Keta as a Stage Manager on several occasions. Without exception she was the key to the success of each production. Each production varied in genre, size of cast and crew (less than 10 to greater than 20), and leadership style (very hands-on directors, to those that are much more comfortable with delegating), and in each instance she committed herself 100% to ensure that things ran smoothly in front of and behind the curtain. Her knowledge of theater notwithstanding (which is part of the reason why she is a repeat stage manager for anyone that has worked with her), Keta is also organized, observant, efficient, and unflappable during stage crisis. I have witnessed her first-hand soothe hurt feelings, calm ruffled-feathers, quell disruption, facilitate consensus, monitor call-times, and hand out water bottles; all during a 15 minute break! She doesn’t limit her involvement and experience to stage managing either. I have seen her partner with designers to get a set built on time, address costume emergencies, run the lights, and operate a sound board.


"Keta as a mentor"

Having Keta as a mentor really opened my eyes to the world of professional theatre. I appreciated how she encouraged me to figure things out on my own to see what worked and what didn't. Keta also treated me as if I were much older and experienced, even though I was only a sophomore in high school. I'm especially grateful for that because she pushed me beyond the limitations I had previously set for myself. Overall, being your ASM was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in theatre thus far!

Danielle Burman

"Her work ethic is astounding"

"Keta is the consummate professional. Her work ethic is astounding. She has a sharp attention to detail and is very intuitive in her craft. Her knowledge of technical theatre and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty is truly admirable. If you want a job done well, within budget and by someone who is consistent, then Keta is the one to call"

Tiffani Staten

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